Flash Cadillac

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been together?

The band started in Boulder, Colorado, in the spring of 1969. Everyone was a student at the University of Colorado.

Where did you get the name Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids?

On "The Hill" in Boulder there's a bar called THE SINK. One of the Sinkrats was a guy named Hughey Plumley. His mental entertainment was thinking up band names. Having heard this one, our drummer-to-be, Harold, asked if we could have the name. Evidently, Hughey said "yes ",

What happened to the Continental Kids?

Nothing. We just dropped it from the name in 1980 because everyone just called us Flash Cadillac anyway. No one ever had enough room or letters on the marquis. Also, we were starting to hit 30 at the time, and didn't think we were believable as "Kids" anymore. It's still a great name.

Do you have a "Psychic Hotline"?

Yeah. Right.

What happened to Spike (Linn Phillips)?

In March of 1993 we did a concert with the Tulsa Symphony. At the end of our encore Spike had a massive heart attack. Two days later, after unsuccessful surgery, he died. He had been with the band since it started and was everyone's favorite wild man.

How do I book the band ?

Scott O'Malley & Associates
PO Box 9188
Colorado Springs, CO 80932
719-635-7776 Fax 719-635-9789
E-mail somaqency@aol.com
Website www.somaqency.com

Is your SONS OF THE BEACHES album available on CD?

About 1 of every 5 e-mails we get asks this question. The answer is yes! SONS OF THE BEACHES, by Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids, was originally released in 1976 on Private Stock Records, which no longer exists. However, Varese Sarabande issued an expanded version on CD in 2000 (#302 066 149 2; visit varesesarabande.com); the new release contains bonus tracks that include our single from 1977, “See My Baby Jive”. Many people ask specifically about “Time Will Tell”; we redid an excellent version of that on our SOUVENIRS CD.

What was your strangest show?

There are many to pick from, but here's one that at least is in the top five. In about 1975 we played a college concert in the South. It was an afternoon show and the gym was filled with students and faculty all well equipped with coolers. The opening act was Uncle Heavy and the Pork Chop Revue. A giant fat guy in overalls and a bunch of trained pigs in hats, sunglasses, etc. jumping through hoops, climbing ladders...

When it was our turn, the Continental Kids, as usual, played a couple of songs, then introduced Flash. He was escorted to the stage handcuffed to a state trooper we met backstage. Barney Fife-like, he couldn't find his keys and had to stand, humiliated, while his partner ran to the car for spares while the band played on. Very strange show indeed.

OK, so people want to hear more strange shows...

Winnipeg, Manitoba--- Winnipeg Arena---early 1970s.

We opened the show for Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult. A really strange show, with Spike and Flash in their black leather jackets and the crowd ready for hard rock and devil worship. Truly a Spinal Tap meets Elvis scene.

New York City---Academy of Music---early 1970s.

Two shows in one day, We opened for ZZ Top and the headliner John Mayall with his new all black band. The crowd was an extremely laid-back blues bunch, We played our typical high energy Rock and Roll show, ZZ Top, who rocked out during sound check, reverted to slow 12-bar blues, .John Mayall mostly laughed through his show, It was his birthday and his record company gave him a party backstage after the show. He liked us and invited us to help him celebrate. He really wasn't interested in talking to the press or any of the record company crowd, so he started convincing people that Kris was actually ,John Mayall, and had a great time laughing and watching Kris handle all the nimrods. Silly show, great party.

Long Beach, CA---Long Beach Arena---to---Honolulu, HI.---Diamond Head Crater---mid 1970s.

New years eve. We open the show for Frank Zappa. We played with Frank quite a few times over the years. He was one of the only major touring acts who didn't seem to be afraid of our high energy show upstaging him. Whatever the reason, we worked with him and all of the shows were interesting. But, New Years Eve, Long Beach Arena, way bizarre! So, we finish the show, go home for a few hours sleep. The road crew takes all the equipment to LAX for an early morning flight to Hawaii. Up at dawn, on the plane to play the Crater Festival. We had played the Festival a couple of times and it was great. This time we are to play with .Journey, Styx, Elvin Bishop and others. Also this time our guitars and amps and sax's and keyboards etc. didn't make it. Oh boy! Were only playing to 40,000 people. No sweat. We end up borrowing fake Fender equipment from a Japanese "outlaw" band. I think the guitar strings were rusty. But whatever, we rocked our brains out. The crowd went nuts and everything turned out great. A truly strange 48 hours!

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