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Flash Cadillac performs "Suzie Q"
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Welcome to the home page for Flash Cadillac! However you ended up here, we're glad you did. To start with, we've included the basics. Some band history. Upcoming shows. Information about our studio work. And, of course, in the fine tradition of ruthless self-promotion, a page of merchandise that we would love to get into your hands and ears. With your help, we will eventually add the things you want that we may not have anticipated.

We love Rock and Roll music, and though we can't tell you what it is in one sentence; we know what it's not. C'mon! We're Flash Cadillac and Rock and Roll is whatever we say it is. We've been lucky enough to be involved with some things that definitely are Rock and Roll, such as American Graffiti and American Bandstand. We didn't invent Rock and Roll and we weren't even a band when it started. But we feel that with the time, energy and fun we've put into the music, we are a part of it.

Most people probably know us from the 70's, mainly from American Graffiti, Apocalypse Now, Happy Days, and lots and lots of live dates. We started in Colorado in 1969, but after one year we relocated to Los Angeles (although we were hardly ever there). Very soon we were working with record labels, doing television shows, touring endlessly, and very much in the public eye. But, recording was what we found we really wanted to do more and felt we could do it much better away from the L. A. music business. By the end of the 70's, we were back home in Colorado, first building and then recording in our own studio. Our output was better but no one was hearing it.

We were on the radio, however, doing the program music for Mike Harvey and SUPERGOLD since 1983. It's on LIVE every Saturday night on hundreds of radio stations across the country. Visit the SUPERGOLD website: www.supergold.net.

Instead of the colleges, concerts and clubs of the 70's, our live show of the 80's became a mix of corporate, civic, and radio events. In the 90's we were creating a brand new audience playing with symphony orchestras. With each new orchestra we become the world's largest rock and roll band for a night. If you ever have the chance to see our Symphony Pops show, please come. It's special! Check our itinerary page.

Everyone in the country had a bad September in 2001. For Flash Cadillac and friends the bad times started even earlier. On August 31, lead singer Sam McFadin died of a heart attack at his home in Colorado Springs. All upcoming dates were suspended and officially disbanding seemed imminent. The band had already lost Linn Phillips (Spike) to a heart attack in 1993. By 1996 Kris Moe (Angelo) had to stop touring due to increasing weakness from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). The following January, however, it was decided to retool and go back out to play with a new lineup. As it turns out there were other folks out there who knew the same three chords.

Flash Cadillac loves playing live! Do you have an event coming up that calls for the real deal? If you go to our Contact and Booking Information page you're one step closer to making it happen. Enjoy your visit and don't forget to check out our free MP3's.

Warren Knight • Dave 'Thumper' Henry • Tim Irvin
Rocky Mitchell • Pete Santilli • Bob Fisher


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